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This is when many brides are looking for their wedding dresses but I came across this unusual one in a Norwegian Museum with stories of bravery and heroism behind it.  During the Second World War the Norwegian Resistance were in fear of their lives but to help them fight the Nazis the British dropped supplies by parachute into the hills around the town of Kristiansand.  The parachutes were made of silk but the material couldn’t be reused because that would immediately reveal you were a member of the resistance and you would be executed.  However after the war the silk that had been hidden away was made into lovely wedding dresses bringing joy and celebration after a very dark period of history and this is an example which can be seen in the Arkivet Museum in KristiansandArkivet is now a Peace and Human Rights Centre working with the Red Cross, Amnesty and the UN.  If you ever get a chance to visit there are some very moving stories to be heard.

Back home I’m used to photographing more usual but lovely wedding dresses but for me photography remains more than just a job. 

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