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Father son family portrait photography crossfit fitness photo

Family fitness

Fine art photography image of a tern fishing

Common tern

Will and William

Fun family photography taping dad to the wall



It’s a mans world (but don’t let yourself get outnumbered)

Landscape photography Sunset, Setly Pond, New Forest National Park Hampshire

Setley Pond

Inner Conflict

Character Toddler Portrait photography. My Grandson


Creative portrait photography digital art embrace

Built like a brick wall.

Barn Owl

Dreams of a summer's day

Wildlife photography Reed Warbler singing in the New Forest national Park

Singing his heart out


Hungarian Vizsla puppy studio photography shoot with chair

Vincent the Hungarian Vizsla

Sports Photography action motion blur show jumping photo

Turning for the last sequence


Black and white body abstract photography at Ridge Cottage studio

Body Shape

Digital art Photography Lamborghini at Monte Carlo


Landscape photography Sunrise in the Pine Trees of the New Forest National Park

The Solent at dawn

Grey Heron

award winning photography by Henry Szwinto

Paddy the New Forest Pony

Character promotional portrait photography for singer song writers

Annie and Harry

Portrait photography of a young man


Infrared Landscape photography image of New Forest Ponies at Hatchet Pond near Beaulieu in the National Park

Hatchet Pond

Creative fitness portrait photography for crossfit

Hand stand

Creative New Forest Landscape photography

If only we could bottle sunsets!

Black and white classic portrait photography of a yound woman


Photography Montage of new born baby shoot photos


Little Terns

Creative portrait of a strong young man with a lightning storm

Body Scape

Creative motion blur seascape photography

Highcliffe at dawn


Marsh Harrier

Competing against yourself

Common Egret

Green Turtle

Zoe, the Modern Pentathlete

Surfing In the Indian Ocean

Paper Dress


Roe Buck

Latest Photography News

Downward Dog

yoga pilates dog composite photoshop portrait studio creative

This photo of Vincent has just been given “Front Page Image” status on PurplePort.  In many ways it follows on from my image Top Dog which was also given FPI status but Downward Dog came first.  When Vincent wants to play he always adopts the position of Downward Dog so I simply had to do a photo of him reading a book on Pilates for dogs.  Maybe I should do a series.  I’m working with a bodybuilder later today so maybe in the next one Vincent will be visiting the gym.

This was a composite of 6 images plus some extra colouring.


Another Front Page Image!

After my success a couple of days ago I now have another Front Page Image on PurplePort.  This photo called “Getting Carried Away” was great fun to do and it’s something I can provide as part of my Family Photography.  If you are interested get in touch and let’s talk about your ideas or take a look at my Family Portrait Page  Always start with the thought that anything is possible.

Top Dog

This is one of my favourite photos so I’m pleased to say Top Dog has been awarded “Front Page Image” status on PurplePort.  PurplePort is an online forum for photographers, models, MUAs, dress designers etc. and there are some very talented people there so this is a nice feather in my cap.  This has led to an interesting offer from a London studio.  It would great to get my work seen a bit more in the big city.

Dog pet photography Vizsla


fun family portrait photography new forest hampshire

I did a family photo shoot with Geoff, Katie and the girls a few years back and this image that came from the shoot is still one of my favourites.  It does me pretty well in various photo competitions and again won a small prize for me yesterday.  The whole process of this kind of shoot is a lot of fun for everybody involved and can create some images above and beyond the “usual”.  The photos can also make great presents for Nan and Grandad for birthdays or even Father’s Day.

If you are interested in a family photo shoot then please take a look and click here:-  “Family Photo Shoot”

Which do you think is better?

Both these pictures are of the same tern fishing for prawns down at Pennington Marshes.  They were taken 5 minutes apart at around 6.30am.  I rely mostly on timing rather than burst rate so I’m pretty pleased with both of them.  One photo doesn’t seem to do fantastically well in competitions.  It’s as if the judge/viewer can’t work out what is going on.  One judge even turned the print through 90 degrees because he thought it might have been presented the wrong way round.  The other scored a 10/10 and a seal last night at the club.  So which do you prefer?

If you would like to learn a bit about taking photographs like these have a look at my Workshop and Tuition Page.

bird photography workshop training Lymington New Forest


Back from Indonesia

Jo and I had a lovely extended break in Indonesia.  It’s a superb place to go with your camera.  The people are lovely and very welcoming.  The landscape is beautiful and the wildlife ranges from Komodo Dragons, to beautiful coral reefs together with giant manta, sharks, turtles, eagles, sunbirds and flying foxes.  Here are a few photos but I shall be posting more.

Thai Boxing

When Joanne and I visited Thailand recently we went to watch some Thai Boxing.

Thai Boxing Thailand

It started with a junior match and then steadily built up to the star fight of the evening via different categories and a ladies bout.  Oddly after the senior fight they finished with a couple of 5 year olds.

Thai Boxing Thailand

Thai Boxing Thailand

Thai Boxing Thailand

Thai Boxing Thailand


Koy Ya

During a recent holiday in Thailand we found the Happy Snapper Bar which was a great music venue in Khao Lak.  There we saw Koy Ya performing.  She had long orange hair, tattoos and wore a short tartan mini skirt and black crochet crop top.  Jo decided to ask her if she wanted to do a photo shoot with me.  Koy Ya said yes and we set one up.  I had no studio equipment with me so we worked with the light from the bar and some pretty pathetic illumination from a couple of smart phones.  With the pool table in the bar there was a photo I wanted to try.  This is the result (after a little bit of tinkering on the computer) and on Monday it won “Action” photo of the year at Southampton Camera club.  I really liked this photo but when you are so closely involved in the setting up and production of something like this you have a lot of emotion attached to it which can affect your judgement so it’s great when you find other people like it too.

Thank you Koy Ya.

Action Koy Ya Happy Snapper Bar Thailand

Here are a few more photos from the shoot.  If you like your music and you are ever in Khao Lak be sure to find Koy Ya and The Happy Snapper Bar.  You will love it.

Action Koy Ya Happy Snapper Bar Thailand

Action Koy Ya Happy Snapper Bar Thailand

Action Koy Ya Happy Snapper Bar Thailand

What a privilege.

Yesterday I had the great privilege of getting up close to two wonderful red deer stags here in the New Forest National Park.  If you know how to behave around them and allow them to come to you, you will get beautiful views.  Both these stags walked straight towards me until they were so close they didn’t fit in the lens any more.  The rutting season is just getting going so these stags are wandering round looking for females.  To illustrate how dangerous the fighting can be, take a close look at the big stag in the first photo and you will see he is blind in his left eye.


Photo of the week.

The Modern Pentathlete

I’ve chosen this photo of Zoe Davison as photo of the week for 2 reasons.  Zoe has just come 4th in the World Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships even though she is nowhere near the top of the age group.  Also I finally got the chance to use it in a recent club competition where it gained a seal.  The judge said “it’s great when you get to work with a professional model because they are so good at giving you a natural look”.  But Zoe is no professional model, however, she is great at understanding what the task is and delivering.  That’s one reason why I am not surprised when I hear news of her great performances.  We will be working again together when her competitive season finishes and we have some great ideas lined up.

Watch this space!