About me and my Photography

I first started photography some 40 years ago experimenting with all subjects and working on prints and slides in my own dark room at home.  The pressure of a young family and work ensured I took a long break during which I designed and built 2 very individual homes.  As I played with design and different artistic media a return to photography became inevitable so I bought my first digital SLR in 2007.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside here in the New Forest National Park, landscape and wildlife became my major interests but I always get involved with people and events with still life studies adding further fascination.

I find that interacting with other people feeds the imagination so I have now built a studio at home to expand my portrait work but I always retain and interest in the quirky and amusing.  I want to play further in the world of video using my SLRs, mini DVRs and video drones.

Coaching and mentoring has been a regular feature in my life in sport and professional career so it seems very natural to me to offer my services in the world of photography.  Information about workshops and experiences can be found on our Photo Experiences page.