The Birds of Pennington Marshes

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Outdoor Portraits

Learn how to set up a studio at home teenage blond girl

Learn how to set up a studio at home

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Still life and Macro Workshop

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Local Fungi Workshop

New Forest and Hampshire Wildlife deer

New Forest and Local Wildlife

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Learn about Photoshop

Photography Tuition, Workshops and Guided Walks

  • Tuition

I provide Private Photography Tuition individually or in small groups for anything from camera skills and setting up studios to composition, using available light, editing skills and framing of mounted prints.  I work with Canon SLR cameras but the workshops and tuition are equally valuable to Nikon, Sony, Olympus or compact and bridge camera users as the principles are just the same. I can still help you with the technical side of things.

  • Workshops and guided walks

With my intimate knowledge of the New Forest I lead workshops and guided walks.  Good themes for these workshops are Landscape, Fungi, Macro, New Forest Deer, Wildlife and Bird photography.  The best subjects and locations change as we progress through the seasons and I will take you off the beaten track away from tourists and show you the hidden gems of the Forest.

Why not get together with a couple of friends.  Prices start from £95 per person for 2 1/2 hours up to a maximum of 4 (or 8 with a second tutor).

Use the contact form or call 07920 887909

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Fungi and toadstools Photography Workshops

Autumn is the time for Fungi Photography Workshops and Guided Photography walks. You can learn a lot more in a 1:1 session or in small groups.  Usually a weekend but midweek too.  Please note some periods may not be suitable due to unusual weather affecting fungi growth which unfortunately is beyond my control.

Learn to photograph deer without disturbing them.

Photographing deer can be difficult.  Learn a little bit of field craft and a bit of respect and soon you will be able to get closer without disturbing them.  You will dramatically improve your photos when your subjects are relaxed and not charging off into the horizon.  Early morning or evening is best for this and again working individually or in small groups will allow you to learn more and gain more experience.

Photography Tuition, Workshops and Holidays

Please keep me informed about your local Personal Photography Tuition, Photography Workshops or Photography Holidays.