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Father son family portrait photography crossfit fitness photo

Family fitness

award winning photography by Henry Szwinto

Paddy the New Forest Pony

Creative portrait photography digital art embrace

Built like a brick wall.

Digital art Photography Lamborghini at Monte Carlo


Fun family photography taping dad to the wall


It’s a mans world (but don’t let yourself get outnumbered)

Sports Photography action motion blur show jumping photo

Turning for the last sequence


Landscape photography Sunset, Setly Pond, New Forest National Park Hampshire

Setley Pond

Character Toddler Portrait photography. My Grandson


Wildlife photography Reed Warbler singing in the New Forest national Park

Singing his heart out

Hungarian Vizsla puppy studio photography shoot with chair

Vincent the Hungarian Vizsla

Character promotional portrait photography for singer song writers

Annie and Harry

Black and white body abstract photography at Ridge Cottage studio

Body Shape

Landscape photography Sunrise in the Pine Trees of the New Forest National Park

Pine trees at dawn

Creative newborn baby photography of father and daughter


Portrait photography of a young man


Infrared Landscape photography image of New Forest Ponies at Hatchet Pond near Beaulieu in the National Park

Hatchet Pond

Creative pet portrait photography by Henry Szwinto at Ridge Cottage

Lilly the ginger Dalmation

Creative digital art photography of a human eye


Creative fitness portrait photography for crossfit

Hand stand

Creative New Forest Landscape photography

If only we could bottle sunsets!

Creative Fitness portrait photography of an athlete


Fine art photography image of a tern fishing

Common tern

Creative underwater Portrait photography of a young woman

Looking in

Black and white classic portrait photography of a yound woman


Photography Montage of new born baby shoot photos


Creative portrait of a strong young man with a lightning storm

Body Scape

Creative motion blur seascape photography

Highcliffe at dawn

Photo of the week.

What to do on a Rainy Day?

When it rains we sometimes don’t get out with the camera especially if you are going through a wimpy phase like me at the moment.  So I took the opportunity to revisit some old ideas.  There are a number of images like this I want to create but this is still a new area for me.  I started with a portrait of the lovely Emma and a photo of some typically dodgy paint work from the Dordogne.  Multiple cloning to prepare the starting image, around 6 layers, several liquefying processes and 4 hours later, this is the result of my self inflicted homework. “Now you see me. Now you don’t!” or should it be called “Chameleon”?


Latest Photography News

Working with Zoe Davison, Great Britain Modern Pentathlon

Before Christmas I had the great pleasure of working with Zoe Davison.  Zoe is a young international Modern Pentathlete representing Great Britain in various age groups with huge potential and huge ambition.  Not only does she look great in front of the camera but Zoe is very enthusiastic about trying unusual concepts.  Combine this with the superb props and locations that Modern Pentathlon can provide and I’m really looking forward to many great images in the future.


Fairies and Toadstools

I’ve been playing a bit with my editing.  It’s early stages for me with this kind of imagery so my ideas are only just developing.  The photo of Amber originated from an underwater image taken in a swimming pool.  The wings are taken from a dragonfly and the fly agaric is the fairy toadstool before adding a few extra editing effects.
fairy, toadstool fairytale

Why I love where I live

Today I wasn’t keen on going for a run.  It was raining and my injured Achilles still didn’t feel great but my daughters Viszla Vincent needed to go out and my wife Jo insisted.  Rather glumly I went but half way round I accidentally scared up a Short Eared Owl.  These are pretty rare anyway but even rarer for this part of the New Forest.  This was the first one I had seen in this location in the 35 years of living here.  Half an hour later, armed with my favourite wildlife kit, with the sun starting to break through I found him again.  I hope he stays for the winter but I don’t think this habitat will give him enough food so I expect he will move on.

But before you go, many thanks for brightening up a rainy day.

Fallow Bucks in the New Forest

When you are lucky enough to find a Fallow Buck with the right background make sure you control the exposure.  This is probably my favourite of my recent wildlife photos.  The antlers are nearly full grown at this time of year but they still have their velvety layer of live tissue covering them.

#fallowbuck #antlers #velevetantlers #wildlife #deer #newforest

Do I like rainy days?

Do I like rainy days?  Not really but I do get a chance to play and learn, experimenting with new editing techniques.  This one I like.  It’s an old photo from a shoot with Emma Appleton-Smith where we were working on levitation photos.  Bless Emma, on a freezing cold day she climbed through a step ladder in the middle of a huge puddle in the New Forest.  I took my photos and then removed the step ladder in post processing.  We had a pretty good image but now adding this surreal fantasy effect I think it is even better.

#levitation #fantasy #water #floating #Photoshop #model

Fritillaries at Martin Down

These were last week at Martin Down near Sixpenny Handley.  There weren’t as many butterflies as I had hoped but it was good to see the Silver Washed Fritaillaries and the Dark Green Fritilarries.  I find their eyes facinating.

Family Fun

As part of my wedding package I offer a free photo shoot just to make sure we are all relaxed with working together and on this occasion it turned into a bit of Family Fun.  I hadn’t met Koralee before but she was a little star.  Kirsty and Nigel’s wedding is going to be great fun.  Really looking forward to it.

You can see more about the wedding packages I offer on my dedicated wedding website here.


Corset made of Cupcake cases.

My lovely wife Joanne wanted to design and make a corset and dress from paper.  Then she included a wig made of paper and these are some of the results.  There were so many striking images from this shoot it was well worth the effort.  Emma Appleton-Smith really suited the look and as always was such a pleasure to work with.  I’m seriously looking forward to Joanne’s next project.