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Father son family portrait photography crossfit fitness photo

Family fitness

Fine art photography image of a tern fishing

Common tern

Will and William

Fun family photography taping dad to the wall



It’s a mans world (but don’t let yourself get outnumbered)

Landscape photography Sunset, Setly Pond, New Forest National Park Hampshire

Setley Pond

Inner Conflict

Character Toddler Portrait photography. My Grandson


Creative portrait photography digital art embrace

Built like a brick wall.

Barn Owl

Dreams of a summer's day

Wildlife photography Reed Warbler singing in the New Forest national Park

Singing his heart out


Hungarian Vizsla puppy studio photography shoot with chair

Vincent the Hungarian Vizsla

Sports Photography action motion blur show jumping photo

Turning for the last sequence


Black and white body abstract photography at Ridge Cottage studio

Body Shape

Digital art Photography Lamborghini at Monte Carlo


Landscape photography Sunrise in the Pine Trees of the New Forest National Park

The Solent at dawn

Grey Heron

award winning photography by Henry Szwinto

Paddy the New Forest Pony

Character promotional portrait photography for singer song writers

Annie and Harry

Portrait photography of a young man


Infrared Landscape photography image of New Forest Ponies at Hatchet Pond near Beaulieu in the National Park

Hatchet Pond

Creative fitness portrait photography for crossfit

Hand stand

Creative New Forest Landscape photography

If only we could bottle sunsets!

Black and white classic portrait photography of a yound woman


Photography Montage of new born baby shoot photos


Little Terns

Creative portrait of a strong young man with a lightning storm

Body Scape

Creative motion blur seascape photography

Highcliffe at dawn


Marsh Harrier

Competing against yourself

Common Egret

Green Turtle

Zoe, the Modern Pentathlete

Surfing In the Indian Ocean

Paper Dress


Roe Buck

Latest Photography News

The Yellow Jersey Rides into Bordeaux


“The Yellow Jersey Rides into Bordeaux”



Congratulations to Jonas Vingegaard and Team Jumbo-Visma. 

Celebrate his win with a “Toast”.  In this case a Glass of White Wine as he rides into Bordeaux on the 7th July 2023.  I took this photo roadside in Bordeaux as the peloton approached the city towards the end of the 7th stage of the 2023 Tour De France

Timed to perfection Jonas is right in the centre of the lens formed by the wine in the glass.

 “The Yellow Jersey Rides into Bordeaux” is available as limited edition Acrylic Glass prints or Matt finish Dibonds in 3 different sizes and in Landscape or Portrait format.

View here 



It’s always great when you deliver a smile.

I’ve just had a very happy customer pick up this canvas as a present for his dad.  Lionel and Phil Handy are local classically trained musicians and I’ve done a number of shoots with them.  This photo of Lionel is one which I edited especially for competitions but they liked it too, so Phil thought it would be a great present as a canvas.  For me, this kind of photography is the most rewarding.  Something that the family will appreciate for years to come.

The company I use do a great job with canvases and acrylics but I also print, mount and frame myself.

If you fancy a photo shoot and canvas for yourself or your family just get in touch. tel. 07920 887909

Every cloud has a silver lining

Just recently I hurt my shoulder and I’ve been having trouble sleeping because of the pain.  There’s no point fighting it, so I grabbed my camera and went for an early morning walk and met up with some old friends.  There was some lovely morning light in the mist but sadly these guys were stood in the wrong place.

A few competition Successes

Here’s a few photos that have been doing well for me lately.  Some you will have already seen.  If you would like to learn a bit more about how to achieve these kinds of photos why not get in touch?


Paper Dress design by Jo Szwinto. 2nd in “Against a White background”

Expert Commended in “Shape and Contrast”

sports photography athlete portrait new forest london

2nd and Judge Commended in “Women in Sport”

Judge Commended in “Urban Winters”

Top 10% in “Animals in the Landscape” and Seal of Merit in Southampton Camera Club open digital competition.


Autumn in The New Forest

Autumn moves south at a speed of around 2 MPH so here in the New Forest it is much later than most people in the country imagine.  Although the best colours on acers can be in September and October quite often we don’t see the best colours in beech trees till early November.  Photographing the colours of autumn can be tricky too especially on a bright day.  Our eyes can see a much greater range of exposures and colours than even the very best modern cameras cope with and if you use them on auto they can easily be fooled into giving you poor exposures.  Even when you get the exposure right, shooting in RAW allows you to bring the very best details out in your final image.  If you would like to learn more I can help.  Click here to take a look.

All work and no play…

Yesterday I took a little time out from Photography Work to have a little Photography Play.  Jo and I decided to go to Hatchet Pond in the New Forest and we came across a very obliging swan.  As always when the sun is going down you get a few photographers.  While they were busy photographing the sunset I thought the clouds were way more interesting.  A touch of split toning during the editing process brings out the beautiful shapes.

swan hatchet pond New Forest National Park

Red Squirrels

Had a great day yesterday photographing Red Squirrels.  This is the first time I have had a chance to photograph them in this country.  They are very cute but very fast.  Much quicker than the Grey Squirrel.  Red squirrels are fast enough to evade capture by Pine Martins so part of the reason for the grey squirrel ousting the red is that we lost our Pine Martins.  Pine Martins have been seen in the New Forest National Park again so if they flourish maybe we could have the Red Squirrel return again someday.

I’m sure people will ask me so I have added these images for sale in my Wildlife Gallery where you can find options for framed prints, canvasses and acrylics.  Click Here.


Look who came to the table.

Today I was playing with the Olympus E-1MX camera which was kindly loaned to me by Olympus for me to evaluate.  There is a pro capture function which I wanted to try.  If you focus on a subject like a bird and wait for it to take off before pressing the shutter then it saves the previous 35 frames (i.e. 1 second) for you.  This is similar to what many of the mobile phones are now doing and also what the Red X does only the Red X does ultra slow motion using 37mb RAW files for each frame and it saves the previous 30 seconds.  (however I can’t afford $49,000 to buy one).  I was practising on a wood pigeon that was having a bath in our lily tub when suddenly all the birds scattered in the garden.  That means only one thing in our garden.  The sparrowhawk was here.  Lo and behold it landed on top of the bird table where it often sits but the difference was this time I had a camera in my hand.  Quite frankly I had the wrong lens on because the photo would have told a better story if you could see the whole of the bird table.  Also I had a dilemma.  Do I press the pro capture shutter risking buffering of the memory card and missing the take off or do I wait and not get a stationary photo?  I risked it.  The downside is I had 35 photos which all looked the same of a perched sparrowhawk but I did also get the take off with a similar number of photos to choose from.  As I said I had the wrong lens on so you struggle to track the take off hence my take off photo has poor composition but it is a photo that I probably wouldn’t have got otherwise.  The other point I should make if people are looking at this post to assess the kit was that the photo was taken through a patio door so the images are not as sharp as I would want.

Photo of the week.