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Father son family portrait photography crossfit fitness photo

Family fitness

award winning photography by Henry Szwinto

Paddy the New Forest Pony

Creative portrait photography digital art embrace

Built like a brick wall.

Digital art Photography Lamborghini at Monte Carlo


Fun family photography taping dad to the wall


It’s a mans world (but don’t let yourself get outnumbered)

Sports Photography action motion blur show jumping photo

Turning for the last sequence


Landscape photography Sunset, Setly Pond, New Forest National Park Hampshire

Setley Pond

Character Toddler Portrait photography. My Grandson


Wildlife photography Reed Warbler singing in the New Forest national Park

Singing his heart out

Hungarian Vizsla puppy studio photography shoot with chair

Vincent the Hungarian Vizsla

Character promotional portrait photography for singer song writers

Annie and Harry

Black and white body abstract photography at Ridge Cottage studio

Body Shape

Landscape photography Sunrise in the Pine Trees of the New Forest National Park

Pine trees at dawn

Creative newborn baby photography of father and daughter


Portrait photography of a young man


Infrared Landscape photography image of New Forest Ponies at Hatchet Pond near Beaulieu in the National Park

Hatchet Pond

Creative pet portrait photography by Henry Szwinto at Ridge Cottage

Lilly the ginger Dalmation

Creative digital art photography of a human eye


Creative fitness portrait photography for crossfit

Hand stand

Creative New Forest Landscape photography

If only we could bottle sunsets!

Creative Fitness portrait photography of an athlete


Fine art photography image of a tern fishing

Common tern

Creative underwater Portrait photography of a young woman

Looking in

Black and white classic portrait photography of a yound woman


Photography Montage of new born baby shoot photos


Creative portrait of a strong young man with a lightning storm

Body Scape

Creative motion blur seascape photography

Highcliffe at dawn

Photo of the week.

Did you say Biscuit?

This dog portrait of Vincent the Hungarian Vizsla did well in the club competition last night earning me a Seal of Merit and top marks.  The judge, Jim Pascoe, was very complimentary about the technique and quality which is very flattering because Jim has many years of experience in portrait photography himself.

vizsla dog portrait studio

Latest Photography News

A little bit of rain never hurts anyone.

The New Forest is so dry so a little bit of rain is welcome. Pretty good for photography too.  I just love the droplets on the plants. We had a morning with rain but very little wind so I was able to use quite long exposures in this closeup of a lupin.  The closer you get the more interesting it is.

Lupin in the rain

Lupin in the rain

Lupin in the rain

My 3rd Cover Image


It’s always great to be a published photographer but even better to have a cover image.  This photo of AmyLam was used on the front cover of the February 2017 edition of Enchanted Models Magazine based in the US.  If you ever get a chance to work with Amy she is really great and I would also like to thank Louise Crouch for her great make up skills and use of her lovely home for the shoot.

These are a couple more from the same shoot.


Hungarian Vizsla. Photographs of Dogs and Water.

So I was setting up to do a shoot with Michaela Carr and her pony Diesel and I needed to test my lights for correct exposure.  When Penny Cumberland came along with Vincent the Hungarian Vizsla that gave me the perfect opportunity.  This photo was about the third shot and I’m super pleased with what we got.  The shoot with Michaela worked out great as well.

If you want a shot like this with your dog then just get in touch.

HUngarian Vizsla water jumping

Letter of the Month January Outdoor Photography.

What a pleasant surprise it was to open Outdoor Photography this month to see my letter had been chosen as letter of the month and I also won a Matador Freerain24 Backpack supplied by bearandbear.com

If you don’t get a chance to see the magazine this is what I said in the letter:-

Dear Outdoor Photography,

I think you will already have had loads of stick about including 2 photos shot on a 500mm lens by Laurie Campbell (OP Nov 2016) when he was advocating putting away the long lens and physically getting in range of the subject but Laurie does have a very good point.  I have generally found that if you upgrade your kit to a longer lens you don’t really remove the frustration because you always want something just out of reach.  Laurie’s tactics of being more discreet and not rushing things is a much better solution.  Take the example of a fisherman who sits still waiting for a bite only to have a kingfisher come and sit on the end of the rod.  Don’t get me wrong I still use a 400mm lens most of the time but if you don’t threaten or chase the wildlife you will find that wildlife can be very tolerant.

Here is a photo I took the other day down in the New Forest of some deer taken on a 24mm lens.  Okay the actual photo of the deer is rubbish because my dog Charley got in the way so I have also included one taken on a 400mm lens but it does show how close me, Charley and my wife got without alarming the deer.  We got some good photos and then backed away to let the deer carry on in peace.  Often I see photographers bobbing up and down, ducking and diving trying to get closer only to scare the deer off.  It’s a much better tactic to understand your subject and work within their comfort zones and that of your kit.  I’m sure in some cases the deer are even starting to recognise me and my dog so they become more obliging.