The Yellow Jersey Rides into Bordeaux


“The Yellow Jersey Rides into Bordeaux”

Congratulations to Jonas Vingegaard and Team Jumbo-Visma

Celebrate his win with a “Toast”.  In this case a Glass of White Wine as he rides into Bordeaux on the 7th July 2023.  I took this photo roadside in Bordeaux as the peloton approached the city towards the end of the 7th stage of the 2023 Tour De France

Timed to perfection Jonas is right in the centre of the lens formed by the wine in the glass.

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An insight into “The Yellow Jersey in Bordeaux”.

I have been thinking about this image for around 10 years but the Tour De France hasn’t been to Bordeaux in all that time.  This year, I simply had to try!

Choosing a very white Bordeaux wine and borrowing a table from my brother in law we chose our location.  It needed to be somewhere that was flat, with the sun behind us and not too busy with crazy supporters.  I set up and practiced on almost any vehicle that came by making sure my focus point was where I wanted it and making sure the angles and camera settings all worked well.  What would happen if we had one of those thunder storms that were forecast or if the wind blew the table over?

Then as the helicopters that follow the peloton approached I got ready and snapped the 2 leaders in the breakaway.  My wife Jo, was shouting that the peloton was close behind and the yellow jersey was on our side of the road, so watching the view finder for yellow cyclists coming into the lens formed by the wine in the glass, I timed the shot to perfection.  Truth is, even with all the prep and all the planning you still have to be lucky on the day, and I was.  I don’t think I could ever replicate this shot.  So thank you Lady Luck and thank you Jonas for riding down my side of the road.